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Stefani Acqua Pratic

** Limited time special price $79.95. Place your order today! Price inlcludes all accessories: 2 Ceramic Candles, Float Valves and Spigot tap.

Stefani Acqua Pratic Water Purifier

Developed to meet strict BPA free standards, the Acqua pratic gallon purifier provides a reliable source of clean refreshing filtered drinking water. Ideal for any home, office or on the road, the stefani acqua practic purifier utilizes the high quality triple action filter candles which remove impurities and eliminates bacteria and microorganisms, reduce odors, flavors and the amount of chlorine in the water.




- BPA Free

- Easy to refill.
- Filters up to 40 liters of water per day.
- Ensures healthy water all the time.
- Equipped with the new generation of Stefani Clic Taps and Float Valve that doubles the capacity of the filter.

- Equipped with Triple Action Cartridge that retains solid particles, sterilizes and dechlorinates water.



8 Liters and 2 Cartridges.

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Stefani Acqua Pratic Purifier for Water Coolers
Take advance of our limited time Special Sale Price of $ 79.95. Place your order today! Stefa..