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Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about Stefani products.

Q: How is the water purified in a Stefani Water Purifier?

A: The water is purified through the purifying candle in the following way: firstly it is forced through the fine porous ceramic wall which "sieves" out solid impurities and bacteria and then it passes over a bed of activated charcoal inside the candle which soaks up chemical impurities e.g. Chlorine. The inside surface of the candle is coated in a thin layer of silver to act as a safeguard against any possibility of bacteria build up.

Q: How long do the water purifier filter candles last?

A: This depends on the quantity and quality of the water going through the water purifier. The greater the degree of contamination and water usage, the candle's life span decreases. In metropolitan areas the candles typically last between 6 and 9 months.
Q: When should the water purifier candles be replaced?

A: Purifying candles should be replaced when a noticeable chemical returns to the purified water. This will happen when the charcoal inside becomes totally saturated. The candle does not need replacing just because it is working more slowly.

Q: Why, when and how should the filter candles be cleaned?

A: When the water flow from the candle slows noticeably this is an indication the candle should be cleaned. Solid contaminates in the water are blocking the fine pores on the surface of the ceramic candle and must be cleaned off. The candle should be cleaned by removing from the purifier, running under cold water and being "scrubbed" quite vigorously with a stiff brush or scouring cloth or use the back of a butter knife to scrape off a layer of the ceramic.

Q: Why does the water sometimes stop coming through the water purifier filter candle?

A: Because the candle is blocked with impurities and needs cleaning.

Q: Have these water purifiers been tested?

A: Stefani water purifiers have been extensively tested in USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil to validate their performance. The terracotta is natural and the paint on the terracotta units is water based containing no lead or cadmium.

Q: Where are Stefani water purifiers made?

A: The purifying filter candles and terracotta purifiers are made in Brazil.

Q: Does the water purifier remove fluoride?

A: No. The water purifiers will not remove any dissolved salts such as fluoride, calcium, magnesium etc.

Q: How long does the water take to come through?

A: The flow is around one liter per hour per candle. (i.e. The 6, 8and 10 liter should filter through in about 3 to 4 hours).

Q: Which water crock purifier size capacity is best for my needs?

• 6 Liter (1.6 Gallons) = single person
• 8 Liter (2.2 Gallons) = couple/small family
• 10 Liter (2.6 Gallons) = large family

Q: Are Stefani water purifiers guaranteed?

A: All our water purifiers are unconditionally guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship. Filter candles are guaranteed for 3 months - even though they should have a life of 6+ months. The guarantee is only against faults in manufacture. (Refer to detailed product warranty listed above).

Q: Where are the replacement filter candles and purifiers available?

A: The replacement candles and Stefani terracotta purifiers are available from Stefani Terracotta. Order online from our website www.stefaniterracotta.com.

Q: Why does the filtered water from my terracotta purifier have a clay "earthy" taste ?

A: The terracotta clay is very dry and dusty when it is new and gives off an earthy taste. Although this is normal, it is NOT recommended to drink the water from the purifier. New terracotta initially imparts a "Earthy Smell and Taste" into the water which can be eliminated by the following methods:

Step 1: Fill the upper reservoir with water and let filter normally.

Step 2: Empty lower reservoir, and repeat Steps 1, 2 & 3 until earthy taste is eliminated.

Step 3: If larger container, (e.g. bathtub, or kitchen sink) is available, submerge both upper and lower units (without filter) into hot water and let stand overnight. This will greatly shorten the "priming" process. Proceed to Steps 1, 2, & 3 to start drinking cool, fresh tasting water.

This initial settling period will last for up to 4-6 weeks but always disappears. Give the terracotta interior a thorough rinse with water using damp cloth to wipe the inner terracotta shell. Repeat this process 5 to 6 times within the first 4-5 weeks and the water taste will greatly improve and gradually reduce the earthy taste. DO NOT USE hot water to clean the purifier. Also DO NOT USE any detergent soap or any chemicals to clean the terracotta exterior or interior.

Q: Will “mildew” grow on the purifier?

A: Not if it is maintained properly. The purifier is always slightly cool and damped. Minerals in the water (especially calcium) can be precipitated on the outside surface of the purifier during the evaporative process. These salts can build up and form a good host for dust and dirt in the atmosphere. Naturally mildew can grow in such a situation. The water purifier should be treated as a normal household appliance and wiped down every couple of days with a damp cloth. This prevents mineral salts from building up.


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